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Aquatain AMF for mosquitoes larvae 1l

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Aquatain AMF for mosquitoes larvae 1l
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Substance used for elimination of mosquitoes, especially larvae.

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Excl. Tax: €27.58 Incl. Tax: €29.79


Aquatain AMF is a substance used for elimination of mosquitoes, especially larvae. It is a non- toxic chemical compound. The substance creates a very thin silicon film on the water surface, which causes the termination of the life cycle of mosquitos.

Aquatain AMF film has a very low surface tension, which affects the life cycle of mosquitoes in following two ways:

  • Discourages female mosquitoes to lay eggs on the surface.
  • Prevents adherence of pupae to the surface and reach maturity.
  • In addition to its low surface tension the film of Aquatain AMF has some other features which make it a very efficient in the elimination mosquitoes product:
  • It can be distributed around the vegetation, covering all the surface (to form a continuous barrier against mosquitos)
  • It is flexible and resistant to strong winds in the open waters and it does not accumulate on sides of the water reservoirs affected by the wind.   
  • It is resistant to degradation by ultraviolet radiation

Studies undertaken by many leading international universities have shown that Aquatain AMF is 100% efficient in termination of the mosquitoes life cycle.

IS AQUATAIN AMF SAFE? Yes, it is! Silicones are used in a wide range of applications including sealers which push water back, hair conditioners, lipstick and in the baking industry as nonadherent sprays. They decompose in environment into harmless silicates. Global patent. APVMA approval number 62820/44039.


  • For big water reservoirs

In case of stagnant water in ponds and bigger water reservoirs one shell apply 1 liter of preparation for every 1000m2. Aquatain AMF can be poured out on the water surface and it will immediately spread around plants covering the surface.
Repeat application every 4 weeks.

  • For small water reservoirs

In case of stagnant water in the sewages, drain-pipes, water reservoirs, old tires, etc. one should use 1ml of preparation for each 1m2 (as a clue: 1 tea spoon contains 5ml).

Repeat application every 4 weeks.

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Additional Information

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