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Elimination of millipedes

Millipedes control is not easy. Thick armor saturated with mineral salts perfectly protects the body of pests against the toxic effects of biocides and plant protection products. When the chemical method is not always effective, then a non-chemical treatment group should be used. The simultaneous implementation of all available methods of controlling millipedes guarantees that pests are kept in such numbers around the plant that they are not harmful and they do not pose a threat to the food being produced.

Millipede - species

There are many species of millipedes. Below we present the most common ones.

Millipedes, Centipedes - general informations

Millipedes, Centipedes - general informations
Autumn each year, if it is too wet, disrupts the lives of millipedes. Then they leave their habitats and hiding places, and in search of dry places they move towards human settlements, to the surroundings of various buildings and their rooms, where around the foundations they create a layer of worms, several centimeters thick, winding "worms".