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Universal disinfectant product in the form of powder


Universal disinfectant product in the form of powder which has a wide range of application. It is characterized by unusual efficiency and long term warehousing without lowering of its disinfection properties.

It is designed to make pest control of the surface and all items used in health care, commune hygiene, veterinary hygiene and for disinfection of safe drinking water.

Brad-spectrum of usage:
bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, tuberculocidal, sporicidal

Directions for use:
For disinfection one should use the product diluted with 20-250C water, mixed until a proper concentration of the solution. The 1% solution is prepared by dissolving 100g of the preparation in 10 litres of water. Heavily contaminated items and surfaces should be primary cleaned mechanically and then disinfected.


Concentration of solution

Dosage for 1L of water


Disinfection of the surface in health care and commune hygiene (bacteria, fungus, viruses)




Disinfection in the environment with the possible presence of mycobacteria(TBC)




Disinfection of the surface in the veterinary practice and food industry (bacteria, fungus, viruses, TBC)




Disinfection in risky environment




Disinfection of safe drinking water




Instructions for use:

  • After dilution with water, use as a disinfection substance.
  • Can be used on walls, floors, ceramic, plastic and glass covering
  • For sanitary devices – wash bowls, baths, lavatory bowls
  • For hospital furniture, dishes, swimming pools, urine bottles, spittoons, kidneys, tubs, containers for hospital waste, etc. .
  • Disinfection of safe drinking water

Due to the strong oxidizing action, the product is not advisable to be used for unprotected aluminium and iron surfaces (does not concern stainless steel)

Active ingredient: chloramine- T (sodium salt) 81% (810g/kg), active chlorine content 25%
Permission of the Ministry of Health to trade the biocidal product No.PL 2693/05.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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