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Decontamination mats 115x90 cm 5x30pcs

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Decontamination mats 115x90 cm 5x30pcs
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Decontamination (sticky) mats

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Excl. Tax: €167.62 Incl. Tax: €181.03

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Excl. Tax: €167.62 Incl. Tax: €181.03


Decontamination mat- multilayer adhesive mat with disinfectant and antiseptic properties. It consists of 30 layers of numbered polyethylene foil, covered with acrylic glue with addition of a bactericide.

The product stops and removes dirt from the sole of the shoe and wheel trucks.

The glue on the mat surface contains substance which eliminates microbes: 2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin.

Antibacterial glue eliminates bacteria, which is confirmed by laboratory tests on: Escherichia Coli, Staphylococus Ureus.

Decontamination mat is an effective barrier which stops the growth and reproduction of microbes in rooms requiring special care- to hospitals, for the electrical industry, for food and chemical industries.

In order to have optimal results, it is recommended to put the mat firmly in the place of mandatory passage (passenger and material traffic) for example in the passage leading to:  

  • Rooms with high tidiness (Clean room, grey room)
  • Rooms used for service and production, for example: LCD, LED, hard drives, optics, etc.
  • Laboratories
  • Central sterile service departments
  • Production halls for example of  farmaceuticals
  • Hospitals (operating theaters)
  • Anaestethic wards and MICU
  • Other objects which needs tidiness on the high level

Every mat consists of 30 self- adhesive numbered layers of foil PE. After one layer is contaminated it can be easily taken off and the new one will be used. All layers are numbered so it is easy to control the wear state of the mat.

All decontamination mats are easy to be used, do not need any floor frames. After one layer is contaminated, one can take it off and use the next one.
The mat (30 layers), thickness of only 1,5 mm is glued directly to the floor without the necessity of mounting the frame. Thanks to the adhesive foil, the bottom layer lays firmly, without shifting.

The package contains of  mats (30- layers).

All mat colours contains the same amount of the active ingredient.

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Additional Information

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