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Disinfection of surfaces and medical equipment


Desprej is designed for direct and fast disinfection of surface and medical items. Enables comfortable disinfection of small and difficult to get places, which are immune to alcohols.

  • Broad biocidal spectrum, eliminates bacteria, mycrobacteria, fungus and viruses
  • Fast effect
  • Easily applicable to places which are difficult to get and cracks
  • Disinfection can be made both by spraying and rubbing
  • Easy and fast form of application- each bottle of 500ml has a special spraying diffuser.
  • The preparation is ready to be used
  • Dries quickly, without leaving any stains, streaks or sludge on the disinfected surface
  • Recommended for surfaces which are in contact with the food


Chemical composition: (in wage %)

  • Ethyl alcohol (Ethanol) 45%
  • Isopropyl alcohol (2-propanol) 30%
  • Didecylodimethyloammonium chloride 0,5%

Directions for use:

  • do not dilute
  • do not use on sensitive to alcohol materials (ex. Pleksi, nie stosować na materiały wrażliwe na alkohol (ex. pleksi, varnished surfaces, wood stain, some paints)
  • do not use close to sources of fire; do not apply on electronic devices.
  • The surface should be covered evenly with preparation, maximum 50ml/m2 by spraying or with saturated cloth.
  • Spray at a distance of 30cm on disinfected surface.

Positive recommendation of Institute of mother and child No. PL ZF/K/38/2002.
Certification CE 1023 No. 04 0507 QS/NB/c.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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