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Very effective and efficient preparation to eliminate odor.

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Inhitone OD is a very effective and efficient concentration, designed to be diluted with water. It can be used to spray of the surface as well as a supplement to water or cleaning fluids. It works instantly. It does not mask the odors but deactivate them. It removes the source of the odor. In the professional application, 1 litre of the concentrate is sufficient to prepare 50-250 litres of a solution.

The deodorant action of WESTRAND products involves chemical deactivation of odoriferous molecules. It is not masking or emulsification of odors with other chemicals, though. As a result of chemical reactions, all ingredients of fragrance and not only some of them are neutralized. New, inactive odor molecules are created. This method consist in application of special aldehyde and ketone substance which are characterized by their perfect neutralizing abilities.

WESTRAND products are non-toxic, have a positive evaluation and test results relating to:
•    biodegradation,
•    harmlessness to the eyes,
•    harmlessness to the skin,
•    the safety of the products for the personnel working in enclosed areas,
•    ecotoxicity
•    phytotoxity.

Active ingredients have following patterns:

  • French patent No 2599257 from the 29th May 1986,
  • Certification No Supplement 2623717 from the 1st December 1987,
  • European patent No 0401140 from the 28th May 1990.


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