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Funnel trap Mini

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Funnel trap Mini
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Funnel trap for monitoring and catching insects.

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Excl. Tax: €7.19 Incl. Tax: €8.84


A new funnel trap for monitoring and catching insects- tree pests.

Size: height 16 cm x diameter 11 cm

To lure the insect specific pheromones are uses, depending on which species of insects we want to eliminate.

To eliminate the risk of insects getting out of the trap during opening of the trap one can apply flypaper inside the trap.

Place of application:                                                                         

The trap can be used both inside and outside of the building ( ex. orchards)

Functional description:

The trap is designed to early detection of insects and it enables identification the type and accumulation of the pest, its size, boundaries of infestation and the area which needs chemical disinfection.

The construction reminds a tunnel container, which in the upper part has a little roof and a special bucket where you put the pheromone as a bait for moth males. Relived from dispenser pheromone stimulates the odor of a female and lures males. Attract by the odor males fly into the trap through the tunnel to the bottom container, where they die stuck to the flypaper (if it is applied there) or they drown if one pours water there. In order to kill the pest faster one can apply insecticide in the bottom part, which together with a flypaper is not within trap’s equipment.

Elimination of horse- chesnut leaf miner

It is the best option to apply traps in the lower part of the crown of a  tree. It is recommended to change the pheromone regularly. It works 4-6  weeks in natural conditions. This time is sufficient to eliminate 1 moths generation.

I pheromone application 18.04 – 31.05.12
We should supplement our traps with pheromone from the second part of June and use it until the end of July.
II pheromone application 18.06 – 31.07.12
We should apply pheromones for the third time from the first half of August till the second half of September.
III pheromone application 10.08 – 24.09.12
In wormer parts of Europe and some regions of Poland 4th generation appears.

The 4th generation, October generation which passes the winter in cocoon and falls into diapause.
IV pheromone application (if very warm summer and autumn)

Funnel traps have many fields of application.

They enable:

  • Determination of the first flight of moths
  • Assessment of flight dynamics
  • Appointing flight maxime
  • Determination the end of the flight of moths
  • Setting deadlines for spraying the trunk or crown

There are many factors which have influence on the population size, like for example: localization, age, species, types, climate conditions. The weather motif is especially important in our climate conditions. In the last few years changes in the climate severely disturbed flights and the flight course of pests. Regular checking on traps helps in observation and catching males, assessment of the real threat on this basis as well as determination of the best time for their elimination.

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