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Fast- acting preparation eliminating cockroaches

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Goliath Gel: the fast- acting preparation eliminating cockroaches (without division into functional forms); eliminates all stages. It has the cascading effect, ensuring elimination of the whole population; efficient for up to 6 month after application; economical to use thanks to its low doses.

Goliath Gel is invisible which enables the product to be used in buildings, without being bothersome for residents and without causing the risk for adults, children and pets.

Application of the product to all affected by cockroach invasion areas does not create bothersome effects or the risk of contamination, both for a user and his client.
The preparation shell be put in all places where one can see cockroaches; it can be applied in pipes, canals, all electronic devices, mains and connections, of course with observing the principles of safety requirements. With a surgical precision one can apply the product to the places were cockroaches have their hiding places.

Goliath Gel can be used in all kinds of rooms and premises which is afflicted by cockroaches.

Does not require any preparation before the operation, there is no need to clean-up places after gel application. Comfort, on time and are the strong points of Goliath Gel- the real alternative for traditional preparations. The small amount of the product for a one dose makes the gel especially interesting if it is used in all places which need a special supervision like for example: hospitals, food industry, electronic devices, kindergartens, etc.

Dosage: Depending on the size and kind of cockroaches 1-3 portions of the product for 1m2.

Mode of action: Excessive sensitization of the nervous system receptors by the action of gamma- aminobutyric acid.
Effectiveness: Immediate action

Field of application: Inside and in the surrounding of the building, in houses, public places and industrial plants.

Active ingredient: 0,05% fipronil

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Additional Information

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