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Pheromone dispenser - horse-chestnut leaf miner. Made in Poland.

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Pheromone dispenser (Cameraria ohridella)

The pheromone product designed to be a bait for horse-chestnut leaf miner to be used in delta types traps, funnel traps or to be stuck to flypaper in order to increase its efficiency. It is a biologically active substance which lure only females of horse-chestnut leaf miner.

Field of application

The product should be used to protect aesculus against horse-chestnut leaf miner.

The dispenser needs to be taken from the package and put into a delta or tunnel trap, which should be done at the end of April. The best option is to apply the trap on the lower parts of a tree, on the lowest branches.

If one sticks pheromones to the flypaper, one should use one pheromone every 100cm of the tree circumference. The pheromone shell be put into the special baskets, which should be stuck to the flypaper. In such way, the efficiency of the pheromone is increased. One should remember that the pheromone, after it is taken from the package remains a bait for at least 2 months. The durability of the pheromone decreases to 4- 6 weeks (depending on weather) if it is applied outside the building.

This time is enough to eliminate 1 generation of horse-chestnut leaf miner

I pheromone application from the 18th April till the 31st of May
Second application shell be done from the second half of June till the end of July.
II pheromone application from the 18th of June till the 31 of July
The third application should be done from the first half of August till the second half of September.
III pheromone application, from the 10th of June till the 24 of September
In the wormer parts of Europe and in some parts of Poland there is sometimes fourth, October generation, which spends the winter in cocoons in the state of diapause.
IV pheromone application (rare cases) if there is a warm sunny summer and autumn.

Made in Poland

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Additional Information

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