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Storm Wax Blocks 3kg

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Storm Wax Blocks 3kg

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Wax blocks Storm® are one of the strongest modern cointaining anticolagulants rodencitides for professional elimination of rats and mice.


Wax blocks Storm® are one of the strongest modern cointaining anticolagulants rodencitides for professional elimination of rats and mice.

Flocoumafen- the strongest of well-known anticolagulants used for elimination of rodents. It is more than forty times stronger than warfarin and more than six times stronger than the best multi dose rodencitides used nowadays.

It means that a rodent eating one dose of well-prepared baits takes a lethal dose, which makes killing pests faster and more efficient. Preparation Strom® effectively eliminates immune to warfarin rats and mice which are more difficult to be eliminated with other multi dose rodencitides.

Flucoumafen is characterized by strong effects, so it is necessary to keep other species of animals which are not a target away from the preparation.

One dose preparation Strom® can be used in pulse dosing programs which reduce costs to minimum. Within such programs strictly limited amount of rodencitide is put in several cycles. This way of dosing prevents a situation where specimens which prey first eat much more preparation than a lethal dose. It makes elimination of a whole population more efficient as this method gives less dominant specimens which prey later access to the bait, when dominant specimens are already dead or they are dying. But for using less amount of the bait in comparison to traditional methods of multi dose rodencitides application, pulse dosing extends the period between exchanges of the bait, reducing the number of visits needed to the total elimination of rodents. Baits are placed in the environment for the shortest possible time, which reduces the risk for species other than the target one.

Little 4 gramme, crumbled seed-based Storm® wax blocks consists of a mold resistant substance, which extends its lifespan and best-before period both inside and outside buildings. The size of wax blocks is selected in a such way that it enables fast and easy spreading and removing of blocks without the risk of contamination of the surroundings.

They are especially useful in extremely high humidity (canals):

  • 4 gramme, crumbled seed-based
  • great taste and lifespan properties
  • No risk of contamination
  • Fast and easy to use

Active ingredient: Flecoumafen 0,005%

License number: PL/2014/0111/MR

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