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Tinaset trap for clothes moths

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Tinaset trap for clothes moths
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Pheromone trap for clothes moths.

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A pheromone trap for clothes moths. The trap relieves non-toxic for people pheromone which lures male specimens to the inside of the trap. There are caught into the trap which prevents insects from further reproduction.

The pheromone is gradually relieved from a dispenser and lures the insect inside the flypaper trap. The presence of insects on the flypaper indicates the presence of pests.

Directions for:

1. Remove the cover from the sticky layer
2. Remove the pheromone from a little bag
3. Put it in the middle of the sticky surface
4. The flypaper with the pheromone apply to the trap in a such way that the pheromone adheres to the side with holes.

Tinaset traps should not be applied close to the light and windows. The trap shell be changed every 2 months or earlier if the sticky part is covered with insects or it is dirty.

The product is made by a Czech company- Propher.

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